"This album is definitely a bass players wet dream." -MetalInjection.com

"...the real star of The Barnacle Cordious is bassist Dustin Treinen. He plays with a ferocity that brings to mind Dan Briggs on speed, yet adds in a funk-infused sound to the proceedings that force the listener to sit up and pay attention." -HeavyMetal.About.com

"The biggest praise I have though is the noticeable bass playing from Dustin Treinen... Treinen is taking bass to a whole new level..." -Review Buster



My name is Dustin Treinen, I'm a bass player living in Los Angeles, CA, but grew up in Omaha, NE. Since the age 14 I've played bass in bands varying in genre from post-rock to grunge to progressive metal. With such a versatile background, I am confident that I am capable of tastefully incorporating a variety of influences into anything I write and quickly adapt to any style. The genres I enjoy most are alternative rock, post-rock, and various types of electronic-based music, but a lot of my bass playing experience has come from being in a progressive metal band for 8 years. I have played a fundamental role in the writing process and playing in an experimental band such as this has helped me develop strong technical skills. My eclectic style has been further pushed by my involvement in several other bands in which I have been the primary songwriter while at other times following the lead of another songwriter. These experiences have provided me with the skill-set to write original music and work cooperatively with other musicians. While I am technically proficient in bass I also have some formal training in piano and classical guitar. Beyond purely technical skills I have a good ear, precise scale work, and familiarity with music theory. While this is a constant balancing act in its own right, I still work full-time and continue to practice bass on my own.

Below is a list of some of my music-related accomplishments: GEAR: Bands I have shared the stage with:


Albums on Spotify
Amaranthine Morose "I Am The Arachnid" (2013)
The Answer Team "O Sad and Future Human" (2011)
Hello From Ghost Valley "Night School" (2010)
The Answer Team "Dead Letter Office EP" (2010)
Paria "The Barnacle Cordious" (2009)
Analog "The Contention" re-release (2006)
Paria "Misanthropos" (2004)
Analog "The Youngest of Martyrs EP" (2004)
Paria "The Torn Instances EP" (2003)
Analog vs Names Without Numbers Split (2002)

Dinner for Breakfast (MP3) - This demonstrates my capabilities of using simplicity to balance tasteful, melodic, and dynamic bass lines, while also keeping them powerful and catchy.

Circus (MP3) - In order to really intensify the energy of this song, most of what I wrote for this song is very drivey with a fair amount of intricate scale work, strumming, slapping, and chords.

Cruella (MP3) - Keeping in mind that vocals are the focal point of this song, I provided a solid foundation that is complex enough to be interesting, but stripped back enough to not distract the listener from the vocals.

Pish Posh (MP3) - This is one of Paria's instrumental songs. I use a few different tapping riffs in this song as well as some dynamic scale work. I also wrote and performed the piano track.

Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness (MP3) - A song by The Smashing Pumpkins that I wrote a bass line for. I wanted to allow the treble melody to stay dominant and simply bring some warmth and fullness to the bass notes played by the piano.

I've Never Been Here Before in a Long Time (MP3) - In writing this song, my goal was to instrumentally tell a story. The idea was to begin by melodically establishing some foreground then gradually bring the energy level to a powerful climax and progress towards a soothing conclusion. I also wrote and performed the piano track on this song.

Bands/Artists I've Worked With:

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